Visiting Ghana – exploring nature at its best

Travelling to the popular and traditional countries and places for holidays has become an old-fashioned idea. It is now the era to visit the unexplored and new places of interest that people so far did not consider being good for travelling. Ghana, on the west coast of the African continent is one of the most wonderful places on earth, flaunting the amazing wildlife, dense forest, stunning coastline and the scenic and natural beauty of the whole. There are so many places for you to visit that one holiday might not be enough for you and you will certainly want to come back here time and again.

Visiting Kakum National Park:

If you haven’t ever experienced the bird’s eye view of a national park and a rainforest, then this is what you must try. This Kakum National Park is the most wonderful place in Ghana. You will be wondered to see the magnificent long-tailed Verreaux’s Touraco bird floating right above your head, so close to your eyes that you will be able to notice the brilliant flash of red on its wings. The entire national park can be travelled on a canopy that is attached to a 100 feet suspension from the ground and you will be able to pass the dense forest of the tallest Kuntan trees, throughout the rainforest.

The wonderful setup will let you start your journey from the ground level and as you enter the forest through the steel wired and wooden planked canopy, the ground below you slopes down into a valley. After a frequent distance, there is an observation deck located on the tree platforms that will help you to enjoy the various species of birds and animals.

Mole National Park – the place for walking safari:

If you are in the mood to watch the monkeys, elephants, warthogs, antelope, baboons and bushbucks from close proximity, then Mole National Park is the place for you. There is the opportunity for you to stay inside the park to spend nights amidst the wild nature. However, you will not be allowed to walk outside the accommodation territory without the presence of an armed ranger. The best way to enjoy the wildlife walking just next to you is to take a walking safari. You can also choose a taxi safari that you have to book previously. The Mole National Park offers the best wildlife in the entire country of Ghana.

If you are seeking a change from the back to back wildlife and national park visits, you can choose a nice and fresh stay at the Kokrobite Beach area. It is famous and renowned for the wonderful beach side cafes and restaurants, where you can enjoy the fresh breeze and wonderful food. Expect to enjoy some drumming sessions and local dancers entertaining you. It is not a bad idea to groove a little with these drummers and dancers. A lesson with them will make your evenings even more enjoyable and exciting. Plan your trip in a way that you do not miss out any of these enjoyment options.

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