Three Foods That Should Be Gluten Free

Gluten free has come a long way and can be found in almost every one of your favourite goodies nowadays. If you are health conscious, or need to be aware of your gluten intake, here are some foods that you might think are gluten free, and they should be, but they actually are not.

So after undertaking extensive research, we have come up with three types of food that should be gluten free. All you have to do is keep reading to find out what they are! Here are a few things to look out for, if you are need of help!

The Beauty Of Bagels

While bagels seem like a safe option, they have some traces of gluten in them. They are normally made with bread flour, which has gluten in it. There is also yeast, which is usually gluten free, depending on how it has been cultured. So depending on the severity of indigestion of gluten, may cause problems. That is why people want them made with gluten free ingredients, so they will be able to enjoy them without getting ill or sick.

The Enjoy Of Potatoes

Potato based foods, for example, gnocchi, pasta should be made in gluten free in them. These are classic dishes that people love and the fact that slowly but surely gluten-free versions are coming out is a great one. But there has to be more. So we are hoping that over the next several years that potato based foods are turned into gluten free, so that more and more people can enjoy them.  Many bakehouses that specialise in gluten free, such as Gluten Free 4 U will be able to help you with this delicious selection. Speak to them today about all their meals and gluten free bread in Sydney.

The Choice Of Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate. But for many people, they cannot eat it because there are occasional traces of gluten within the chocolate-making process. This is why there is an urgent need to have chocolate made with gluten-free ingredients – then everyone across the country will be able to enjoy chocolate. Plus, there is the added benefit of having gluten free chocolate mixed with other baked goods, thereby creating a lovely and stunning gluten-free chocolate dessert! How could you ask for anything more?

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