This time plan your trip to natural beauty of the Rainforests and beaches at Ghana

Ghana is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Western Africa that is been travelled by a number of tourists from across the world each year. The place is known for its natural beauty and so many of the tourists visiting Ghana have the aim for rejuvenation from their day to day busy schedule. Jungle safari, amazing beaches, crystal clear water and many other elements welcome you to spend some time enjoying and relaxing in Ghana.

Normally Ghana is a place with warm climate but with the onset of the monsoon season, the climate becomes tropical with heavy rainfall. So, if you are planning to visit Ghana then the best is to avoid the months from April to June. Also North Ghana is comparatively even hotter than the South Ghana and hence one should prefer visiting the South section.

You can have a look at some of the amazing attractions that attracts a number of tourists each year to Ghana.

Ghana Beaches

Beaches in Ghana are one among the various preferred beaches around the globe. People who are visiting Ghana especially for the beaches might choose the place Accra for their destination to enjoy the sea water under the sun. Here at Accra you will find a number of hotels facing the sea where you can stay to enjoy your beach experience. 2015-07-29 10-41-56

People enjoy here a number of activities such as fishing and also a number of water sports. Some of the famous water sports enjoyed by people here are boating, skiing, diving and others. One of the best places to enjoy such amazing water sports is Lake Volta.

Other places of Ghana

If you get time to visit other places of Ghana apart from enjoying at the beaches, then you have a number of spots to explore. You will get a number of travel agents waiting to serve you here in Ghana. If you take assistance of one of such travel agents then they will guide you the most popular and famous tourist spots in Ghana. But in case you wish to explore Ghana on your own then you can consider visiting this places.

  • The Bia National Park
  • The Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The Kakum Nature Park
  • The Mole Game Reserve

Apart from these places, if you have interest for jungle safari then the Ghana Rainforest is the accurate destination for you. Hire a guide and he will take you to an experience in the Rainforests that you have never felt before. The Rainforests are home for a number of creatures such as baboons, elephants, crocodiles, colorful birds, some never seen insects and many more. 2015-07-29 10-43-54

If you are planning a trip to Ghana then there are some instructions that you must surely follow. Obviously the most important one is to carry your passport and a valid visa all the time. Along with these, you should also carry a proof that you have taken vaccination for yellow fever. This is because in areas of rainforests diseases like malaria and dengue are quite common. The Government has made this mandatory for the tourists to get vaccinated of yellow fever before entering this place to avoid any health hazards. 2015-07-29 10-46-28

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