Lobsters and Boat tours around Perth

Lobster Shack is a family business run by the Thompson’s Family started by David Thompson Senior in the year 1966 while he owned a boat by the name of “Seatips”. He along with his three sons used to run the business together, catching Lobsters for the Western Rock, approximately 200 kilometers North of Perth. Currently the business is run by the three sons who now own several efficient vessels which replaced the one single boat. They now operate off the coast of Cervantes which is a two hour car drive along the beach road to the north of Perth. There are several accommodations in Cervantes which includes Holiday homes, Lodge, the Cervantes Pinnacle Motel and also you can go fishing at the beach, have Lobsters or even visit the world famous Pinnacles.

Lobster Shack Fisheries

There are several lobster shack processing facilitieson the beach of Cervantes, some of which were started around the year 2008. From fisheries here Premium Grade Seafood was started, which exported live lobsters, selling different types of eatables from the sea all over the world. Gradually due to public interest, they introduced a tour for the processing facility which slowly developed into “Lobster Shack”, a tourism operation. Here you get a cool and relaxing environment to experience the entire process starting from fishing, putting in the lobster pot to the cooking pot.

Western Rock Lobster Fishery

The Western Rock Lobster Fishery is one of the most well-known fisheries in in Australia and contributes about 20 percent of the country’s total seafood. This fishery currently comes under a Quota Management System where all the commercial fishers have a total quota for the entire season. The Lobster season continues for 12 months a year which starts from 15th January and continues till 14th of January next year. Marine Stewardship Council certified this fishery to be ecologically sustainable, the first of its kind.

On The Water Services

Among the different tourism operations, Lobster Shack provides Fishing Charters, Sea Lion Tour, Lobster Pot Pulling and several Group Boat Tours to Perth

Fishing is a day to day job for the people working at Lobster Shack. They have a number of Fishing Charters which depart from Cervantes Jetty at 6 am and returns at 2 pm. This continues every day except for Christmas and Government Fishing Bans.

Cervantes beach is a perfect tourist destination spot which has a huge diversity of sea life. Lobster Shack Tourism services take you to a trip all around the small islands at Cervantes to get you a view of the world famous Australian Sea Lion.

Lobster Pot Pulling is another once in a lifetime experience that the tourists can cherish. The visitors are required to enter the Shack Attack and have an experience of the life of an Australian fisherman. The Marine Park boat takes the tourists on a ride off the coasts of Cervantes where they can experience the process of Lobster Pot Pulling to catch the ultimate Western Rock Lobster.

There are several fisheries available in Australia, but on the whole Lobster Shack is one of the best and a “Once in a lifetime experience” for the visitors.

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