Old or new doesn’t matter: Get Cash for all your unused cars

Do you have unused cars at home? Is your warehouse full of cars that have been damaged and can’t be sold in the market? Well, there are reasons when cars are kept back doors unused. A few of the cars are completely out of order and a few have a few defects. There is a […]

Lobsters and Boat tours around Perth

Lobster Shack is a family business run by the Thompson’s Family started by David Thompson Senior in the year 1966 while he owned a boat by the name of “Seatips”. He along with his three sons used to run the business together, catching Lobsters for the Western Rock, approximately 200 kilometers North of Perth. Currently […]

Some easy Tips on Travel to Africa

Are you travelling to Africa on a trip or journey any time soon? well, here is an awesome video on tips to travel to Africa and what all you need to take care of. This tippy post has been shared by our sponsor modern cane furniture by Cobra Cane furniture Australia. Stay tuned for more… […]

In flight essentials for your next trip

A quick tippy post on how to take care of yourself while on a trip or travelling overseas. Key stuff to be informed about.

What you need to know before going to Ghana!

Ghana is becoming popular amongst tourists and travelers and has witnessed an increase in the tourist traffic. The greenery and the many attractions have made Ghana immensely popular. Many people also visit Ghana for work opportunities. If you are planning to visit Ghana, visit Ghana Travels. The blog provides useful information and tips about the […]

Holiday in Ghana 2015/2016

Some of us travel for work and study, while many of us, simply love travel, and for various reasons. Some like to meet new people and know their culture, some wish to taste different kinds of food, many of us are adventure freaks. Ghana, a west African country, offers you a unique combination of exotic […]

What you need to know before going to Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful tourist destination in the African continent. Africa is perceived to be a poor country but at the same time its culturally diverse personality provides a rich experience to the travellers. Ghana as a tourist destination has many takers and there are travellers who propagate the Ghana tour as a must do […]

Visiting Ghana

Get a glimpse of some parts of Ghana through this video. You can see hotels, a part of the countryside, meals inside the hotel and life on the roads here. The video covers the areas of Accra, Aburi Gardens, Tema and Legon. In this slideshow, you also get to see the University of Ghana. At […]

Ghana Tourist Attractions

Get a peek into the intriguing cultural vibrant and diversity of Africa, at its coastal country of Ghana. Known worldwide for its wildlife, beaches and forts, Ghana is situated on Africa’s western periphery, and generally maintains a warm climate, varying with wet and dry seasons. As a tourist destination, Ghana is popular amongst all travel […]

Ghana: Tourist Attractions

Ghana is a lovely country in the African continent. Many of us may think of Africa as a poor continent, but this is not entirely true. Ghana is a beautiful country, popular largely due to tourism. You can experience modern town culture in the city of Accra. There are many other famous buildings to see […]